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Sunday 18 Dec 2011

Well, been a looooong time since I posted!  I’ve moved over here from www.emmadragon.multiply.com, so if you want to see my older posts, that’s the place to go.

Measi’s WIPocalypse http://measi.net/measiblog/2012-wipocalypse/ has pushed me to come back to blogging and have another go.

Woke up this morning to the first snow of this year:

Max still hasn’t figured out what this cold, wet, white stuff is.

In sewing news, I finally finished Tuscany Town mandala a couple of weeks ago:

finally completed

I also finished Bird of God on Friday night – will post a picture once it’s framed.

I inventoried my stash yesterday – boy, there is way too much stuff there!  I have definitely achieved SABLE (Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy).

And getting started early on the WIPocalypse, I’ve returned to ‘Tallulah’, which is very nearly finished.  Just a bit of filling in left to do, but it’s a bit of a pig to work on, because it’s on black.  She’s also very dusty, because she’s been sitting in a corner for probably two years, but hopefully that’ll come out in the wash when she’s done.