TUSAL & WIPocalypse 2 August 2012

Just a quickie this time.

Thank you for all the kind comments.

TUSAL is all pale greys and blues:

Progress is good on Euphoria:

Here’s the back, and the marked off chart so far:

Until next time, happy stitching.

Olympics, 27 July 2012

Wow, is it that time already?!

Since my last post, I’ve been busy.  I finished Forest Walk:

I’m pleased with it, it came out ok in the end, despite the problems, but it could have been better.

Then I had an urge for a couple of quickies (oo-er missus), so I did these over the weekend of the 14th:


Both designs were from ‘My Big Toe’, using the recommended fabric and buttons, but DMC threads.  I like them, they’re fun.

Then I got all ambitious, and I’ve started this, from HAED:

Isn’t she lovely?  She’s also VERY big, 60 pages of chart, although admittedly 20 of them are not full pages.  So in the interests of keeping my sanity, I’m trying something different and stitching her 2 over 1, basketweave stitch, on 32 ct Monaco.  Theoretically, it should take half as long…wait, did you see that pig zoom past overhead…?

This is my progress so far, started on 21st July:

I’m actually really pleased.  That’s one page completed, and one started, in 10 days of stitching.  This is the top right hand corner of sky.  I suspect I will slow down a lot once I hit the confetti, but hey, what the heck.

I’m entering her into the Wagon stitching Olympics in both Watersports and Long Jump, so hopefully that will help to keep me going.

And finally, I came downstairs the other day, and look what greeted me…

Yes, Lord Muck, in his proper place (apparently).. If a cushion so much as looks like lying down, it’s immediately deemed the only possible place for sitting on.  He does look good, though.

Until next time, happy stitching!

WIPocalypse on time – well, mostly. 6 July 2012

Yay!  Almost on time for WIPocalypse this time!  Late for TUSAL again, though, boo.

Mostly browns again.  The strips of linen are from the joining I’ve been doing on Forest Walk.  It hasn’t been going well – it’s taken 3 attempts and the intervention of my DH, but it’s finally on and seems to be ok.  I made a stupid mistake, cutting the fabric waaay too short.  I’ve never done that before, for anything.  DH says he’s going to measure every piece of fabric I start on in future.

Now that the joining issue’s resolved, he’s coming along well.  He’ll be finished this month,

Well, there’s nothing else to report at the moment.  The weather is helping with stitching – it’s just too wet to do anything else.

Happy stitching!

17 June 2012, VERY late TUSAL & WIPocalypse

Oh, look, late again!  Evidently I can’t keep a date for anything.

Here’s my ORT bag:

 Mostly browns and greens, because I’ve been working almost exclusively on Forest Walk:

 I’m really pleased with how this is coming along, although I was in such a hurry to start that apparently I didn’t measure my fabric properly, and will now have to add on another 6 inches or so at the bottom.  I’ll let you know how that goes when I’ve done it.  Boo.

I haven’t stitched on any other WIPocalypse pieces at all this month, but I have done some significant stash enhancement.  ‘Cos, you know, I really didn’t have enough stuff.

I stocked up on DMC colours while we were in the US:

And The Silk Mill just had an awesome 10 year anniversary sale, where I got these lovelies:

I also had a busy crafty day yesterday, and finally finished my 144th scale dolls house (the pen is for scale, so you can get an idea of just how small it is):

I also completed a patchwork square, Quartered Star, that I also got while we were in Jo-Ann’s in the US.  I have another square to make up, and a couple of fat quarters of matching fabric, and some bias tape.  I haven’t decided yet what to make with them – they’re actually from a quilt of the month thing – maybe a bag or a cushion.  Actually, probably a bag…who knows?  We’ll see what takes my fancy.  It was as much to see how I did with machine piecing as much as anything else.

Well, that’s all for now, I think.  Happy stitching!

USA – Part 2

So Zeit für Teil 2 unseres Vereinigten Staaten Feiertags! Als wir in New York beendet hatten, haben wir einen Zug zu einem Ort hat gerufen Wilmington genommen, von dem wir Philadelphia besucht haben.

So, time for part 2 of our USA holiday!  When we had finished in New York, we took a train to a place called Wilmington, from which we visited Philadelphia.

Wir sind auf die Felsigen Schritte gelaufen, und haben die Freiheitsglocke (Stichwortmontyriesenschlangenmusik), und das ursprüngliche Kongress Gebäude gesehen.


We ran up the Rocky steps, and saw the Liberty Bell (cue Monty Python music), and the original Congress building.

Wir haben das See Museum besucht, wo wir haben bereist ein Unterseeboot und eines der ersten Metallschiffe. Es war sehr ungewöhnlich – Sie könnten noch der hölzernen Denken sehen, aber könnten in Metall durchführen.


We visited the Maritime Museum, where we toured a submarine and one of the first metal ships.  It was very odd – you could still see the wooden thinking, but executed in metal.

Den nächsten Tag haben wir den Zug nach Washington, wo wir das Lincoln Denkmal, das Loch gesehen haben, wo der Spiegelungsteich sein sollte, und das Washington Denkmal gefangen.


The next day, we caught the train to Washington, where we saw the Lincoln Memorial, the hole where the Reflecting Pool should be, and the Washington Monument.

Wir sind zum amerikanischen Museum gegangen, wo wir das Amtseinführungskleid von Michelle Obama gesehen haben. Es war viel netter in wirklichem Leben als in irgendeiner Fotografie. Es gab einen ganzen Abschnitt, der zu den Kleidern von first Ladies gewidmet worden ist, sowie viele andere Facetten der amerikanischer Geschichte.


We went to the American Museum, where we saw Michelle Obama’s inauguration dress.  It was much nicer in real life than in any photograph.  There was a whole section devoted to First Ladies’ gowns, as well as lots of other facets of American history.

Die U-Bahn stationiert in Washington waren sehr sechziger Jahre futuristisch – sehr Jetsons.

The subway stations in Washington were very Sixties futuristic – very Jetsons.

Wir sind zu Arlington Staatsangehörigem Cemetary gegangen, wo über drei hundert und achtzig tausend servicemen und Frauen, und Anderer beachtenswert, sind vergraben. Es war schön, aber sehr traurig.


We went to Arlington National Cemetary, where over three hundred and eighty thousand servicemen and women, and other notables, are buried.  It was beautiful, but very sad.

Wir sind zu mehreren Smithsonian Museen, einschließlich der Kunstgalerie, des Naturkundenmuseums, gegangen wo wir haben gesehen die Hoffnung Diamanten, und die Luft und der Platz Museum.


We went to several Smithsonian museums, including the Art Gallery, the Natural History Museum, where we saw the Hope Diamond, and the Air and Space Museum.

Washington war schön in der Nacht…


Washington was beautiful at night…

Und damit die Bibliothek des Kongresses war, und das Kapitolgebäude. Das weiße Haus war nicht so groß, weil Sie sehr nah zu ihm nicht gehen können, aber es war nett, es zu sehen.


And so was the Library of Congress, and the Capitol Building.  The White House wasn’t that great, because you can’t go very close to it, but it was nice to see it.

Wir haben ein Auto in Washington abgeholt, und sind dann zum Heim von Präsidenten Washington, Koloniale Williamsburg, und Jamestown (gegangen wo Pocahontas von gekommen ist).


We picked up a car in Washington, and then went to President Washington’s home, Colonial Williamsburg, and Jamestown (where Pocahontas came from).

Schließlich sind gegangen wir zu Lancaster Bezirk – amischer Mennonit Land – und atlantische Stadt ‚Spielplatz der Welt‘.


Finally, we went to Lancaster County – Amish country – and Atlantic City ‘playground of the world’.

Whew! Und dann sind wir nach Hause gekommen, buh. Schon Planen der nächsten Reise, obwohl!

Whew!  And then we came home, boo.  Already planning the next trip, though!

13 May 2012 TUSAL, WIPocalypse and holiday

Late again with both TUSAL and WIPocalypse, but this time I have a really good excuse – we were on holiday in the US (more on that in a little bit).


 Mostly greens this time, because while we were away I worked on this:

 This is (or will be!) a Heaven and Earth Designs (HAED)chart, Storykeep Forest Walk.  I must say, I’m very impressed with this.  HAED don’t use blended threads, and I wasn’t sure that the shading wouldn’t be rather blocky, but I think the graduation of colour is excellent.

Because we were away, not much else has happened in sewing terms since my last post.

 This is how the Dark Knight looked at the last post.

 This is it now.  As you can see, the Joker is started on the left hand side.  I’m keeping on with Forest Walk for a little while longer.

The next section is going to be about our holiday, and it’s going to be in German, for the benefit of my German class.  Translations will be after the pictures.

Wir haben zweieinhalb wochen in Amerika verbracht.  Wir sind zuerst nach New York gefahren.

We spent two and a half weeks in America.  We first went to New York.

Wir sind zu Freiheit und Ellis Inseln, und Wall Street gegangen (wo wir haben die Besitzer, aber ich bestätigen habe wollen ihren Protest durch Nehmen keines Bilds von ihnen gesehen),


We went to Liberty and Ellis Islands, and Wall Street (where we saw the occupiers, but I didn’t want to validate their protest by taking a picture of them).

Wir sind das Reichstaatgebäude gestiegen, und haben das Chrysler Gebäude gesehen.


We went up the Empire State Building, and saw the Chrysler Building.

Wir sind zu Zeiten Quadrat gegangen, obwohl wir irgendeine Schauen auf Broadway nicht gegangen sehen sind. Sie waren zu teuer!

We went to Times Square, although we didn’t go to see any shows on Broadway.  They were too expensive!

Zentraler Park war besonders schön, weil die Kirschbäume in Blüte waren. Es ist erstaunlich groß, und ich bin meine Füße ab gelaufen.


Central Park was especially beautiful, because the cherry trees were in bloom.  It is amazingly large, and I walked my feet off.

Wir sind zum Kreuzgängenmuseum gegangen, die berühmten Einhornwandteppiche zu sehen, und das Hauptstädtische Museum der Kunst.


We went to the Cloisters Museum to see the famous unicorn tapestries, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Wir haben in der New York Bibliothek gesessen, haben Mittagessen in der Rockefeller Mitte gegessen, und haben eine Fahrt in der einzigen Drahtseilbahn von New York gehabt.


We sat in the New York Library, ate lunch in the Rockefeller Center, and had a ride in New York’s only cable car.

Wir haben Yankee Stadion bereist, haben das Bügeleisengebäude gesehen, und sind über die Brooklyn Brücke gelaufen.


We toured Yankee Stadium, saw the Flat Iron Building and walked across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Nächste woche, Philadelphia und Washington!

Next week, Philadelphia and Washington!

TUSAL & WIPocalypse 10 Apr 2012 – late again!

Well, here we are, late again for TUSAL (VERY late).

 Mostly blues again.

And late with WIPocalypse also!  I’ve been very bad.  Although it’s because I’ve been busy stitching and sewing, so that’s a good thing.

First of all, the Dark Knight (sorry about the blurriness):

It’s going well!  Harvey has the lower part of his face.  I’ve moved over to the left side now, to start on the Joker.  The chart’s in 9 parts, and I’m doing the middle row of 3 first.

I would certainly have got more done, but I’ve been working on this:

I got these cotton printed patches while we were in Yellowstone last year, and decided to make a new holiday bag with them, since my old one has started to wear out.  I’m pleased with it.  It’s quilted throughout, with a double layer of batting, and the back has a log cabin patchwork.  There’s 2 large compartments in zingy colours with zip closures, and the blue one has two pockets inside, one with a magnetic snap, for my phone.  The leafy fabric on the end is actually an elasticated pocket for my water bottle.  All the fabrics and notions came from Jo-Ann’s  on the same trip to the US.  I got a new sewing machine for Christmas, and played with it on the bag.

While we were at Miniatura in March, I got a lot done on a long-standing WIP, Fairytale Castle.  It’s actually Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria.  This is it when I pulled it out of the bag:

 I apologise for the poor picture, I had to take it with my phone when I realised I didn’t have a picture of it.

When I came home, I decided to carry on for a bit:

It’s actually a mixture of cross stitch and tent stitch.  The tent stitch is supposed to only be one strand, but I didn’t like the coverage, so I’m using two.  No doubt I’ll suffer towards the end when I start to run out of thread.  (It’s a kit.)  I decided to stop there, as all that’s left on this quarter now is sky, and that’s ideal for doing while waiting for planes, trains and so on.

There’s been no progress on Tiger Reflection or World Map this month.

Two of my Amaryllis decided to flower.  They’re all about 10 years old, and most people throw them out after just one flowering, so I’m always pleased when they decide to flower again, especially given the level of care they get (ie, not a lot).  The red one produced 4 flowers, and the pink one 3, so very pleased with that.  Big trumpety things, about 6 inches across.


Happy stitching!