Waaaaay too many of these!  It’s amazing how many things I’ve got on a similar theme.  As I complete things, I’ll be removing them from this list.  Hopefully, they might eventually all be done, but I kind of doubt it.

Anchor – Tapestry canvas Laughing Cavalier; The Balloon Race

Briggs – Tapestry canvas waterlilies

Craft Collection – Renaissance Peacock

Cross My Heart Inc – Leopard

Cross Stitch Collection – Fairytale Castle (in progress); World Map

Design Works – Celestial Dragon; Frog Pile

Dimensions Gold Collection – Enchanting Geisha; Heavenly Herald Stocking; Japanese Maiden; Jewels of the Orient; The Mighty Samurai; Moon Dreamer; Nuggets Exquisite Hummingbird; Peaceful Earth Stocking; Petites Mai; Petites Voyage at Sea; White Lightning

DIY Fluffies – Yoki the Fat Dragon (in progress)

DMC – Aztec Queen; Blackwork World Map (in progress); Classics Amsterdam; Classics Venice; Egyptian Queen; Tiger On The Move

Ehrman – Klimt Cushion Coral

Heritage StitchcraftBallet Dancers; Golden Pavilion (in progress); Venice

Holbein Embroideries – Lady on a Balcony

Janlynn – Platinum Collection Cranes

KCO – Plum Blossom; Running Horses; Tiger; Tiger, Lion, Panther, Leopard

Kinsa – Lotus & Carps; Peony & Birds

Lanarte – Aquarius;Aries;Cancer; Capricorn; Gemini; Libra; Leo; Orchid; Peacock; Pisces; Primrose; Sagittarius; Scorpio; Taurus; Virgo (in progress)

Lyndisfarne – The Librarian

Maia – The Balcony; George & The Dragon; Mito Nagahama; Red Pagoda; Sarusawa Pond; Wild Westies III (in progress)

Mill Hill – Avignon Santa; Canterbury Santa; Canyon Santa (in progress); Cardinal Santa; Jamestown Santa;  Mesa Santa; Nunavut Santa; Plymouth Santa; Santa Noel; Saxony Santa; Teton Santa; Twinkle Claus; Williamsburg Santa

 Minicrafts – Mouse

Miniature Textiles Company – Floral Needlework Carpet (in progress); Tiger Rug

Nicola Mascall – Fire Screen (waiting to be finished); Queen Anne chair (in progress)

Oehlenschlager – Iceland

Penelope – Bavarian Castle

Pinn – Manorah – Thai Dancer; Quan Yin – Chinese Goddess of Mercy; Thai Dancers

The Posy Collection – Arlington National Cemetary Sampler; Compass Rose; Freedom set; Mount Vernon Mansion Shell Border; National Christmas Tree; Old Faithful; Pineapple Welcome (completed Dec 2013); Susan Constant; The Mark Twain Silhouette (waiting to be framed); The Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Sunset – Needlepoint Leopard; Tropical Profusion

Twilleys – Knot Garden

Unknown – Bay Window (waiting to be framed); Country Scene (waiting to be framed);Roses card (waiting to be finished); Running Horse (waiting to be framed); Autumn

Valerie Pfeiffer – Hummingbird

World Stitches – France; The United States of America