So, here’s a list of the charts in my stash.  This is mostly for my benefit, because apparently I like some charts so much I’ve bought them twice.  Books and scanned charts from magazines are not included, because there’s just too many to be practical!

Bee’s Needleworks – The Great Escape; Heart of My Heart; Kates’s Butterflies Scissor Fob; Spring Basket; Tree of Stitches;

Butternut Road – Earthdancer; Spirit Dancer

Chatelaine – Alpine Seasons Mandala; Greek Mandala; Mystery XIII The Peacock Garden; The Queen’s Farmhouse;  The Rajasthan Lotus pond; Venice Mandala (kitted up);

Color Charts – All That Jazz; Paradise Macaws

Cross My Heart Inc – Artistic Landscapes (chart booklet); The Big Cats (chart booklet); Ocean Animals (chart booklet)

Cross Stitch Collectibles – The Ball; The Beloved; Contemplation; Feeding the Pigeons; Lady of Shallot; Primavera; The Last Judgement (in progress); The Sistine Chapel Collection; Young Musician

Dimensions – Charts & Charms Midnight Enchanter; Charts & Charms Alluring Sorceress; Flower of the East

DMC – Flaming June; Flower Fairies A-Z (chart booklet); Galloping Horses; Goddess of Mercy; Il Ramoscello; La Ghirlandata; Windflowers

Dover – Celtic Animals (chart Booklet); Celtic Iron-On Transfer Patterns; Egyptian Charted Designs (chart booklet)

Fine Arts Heritage Society – The Kiss (in progress)

Green Apple Co – Beatrix Potter Alphabet (chart booklet)

HAED (Heaven and Earth Designs) – 4 of Pentacles; Ace of Wands; Among the Cherry Blossoms (mini); Anamchara; Astranaithes (mini); Autumn’s Promise (mini); Avarice; Beggar Princess; Books of Dreams; Bubble Flower; Carousel Horse Angel White; Carousel Horse Hunter Brown; Carousel Horse Moonlight Silver; Celestial Dream (mini); Cernunnos; China Lake; A Coign of Vantage; Curiosity (mini); Diewalkur SK; Dizzy Heights; Emerald Dragon QS; Empress Ring QS; Envy; Euphoria (in progress); Expectation; Faces of Faery 164; Fairy Knight; Fairy Lancer; Fantasies of the Seas; Father Christmas: Sleigh Ride; Filling the Stocking (mini); The Finding of Moses; The First Dragon; Fishing for Mermaids; Fragile; Frienship; Gluttony; Golden; The Golden Ball; High Tea; Hit Any Key; Jellyfish On a Stick; Iris; La Belle Dame Sans Merci; Lady Godiva; Light Hanging; Lolly Dragon; Long I Have Waited; Lovers White Peacock QS; Lust; Madame Papier; Magic of Christmas; Man Who Minds The Moon; Mariana in the Moated Grange; Meeting on the Turret Stairs; Moon Rainbow; Morning Gossip (mini); Mourning for Icarus; Not a Creature Was Stirring (ornament); Old World Santa; Ophelia #2; A Peacock and Doves in a Garden; The Pest; Pilates; Pixie Dreams (mini); A Pompeian Lady; Priestess of Quezalcoatl (mini); Professional Fish Walker; Purple Dragon; A Quick Break; Red Knight of Burning Day; Ride a Cock Horse (ornament); Ruby QS; Really Hard Dance Step; Seahorse; Sloth; Snow (mini); Snowman and Feathered Friend; Snow Princess with Polar Bear (mini); So Many Books So Little Time (mini); Soul of the Rose; Spearmint Wyrm; Steam Punk Fairy QS; Stitching the Standard;  Sundae Delight (mini); Three Kings; Ties That Bind – Left; Ties That Bind – Right; Tsuki No Uta; Turandot; The Universe in a Jar (mini); Vanity; Wendell; White Nine Tail Fox (storykeep); Winter Magic (mini); Wrath

Ink Circles – Florin; Guilder

Janlynn Geisha

Joan Elliott – Christmas Spirit; Petite Christmas Angels

Kappie Originals – Transportation (chart booklet)

Lavender & Lace – Angel of Autumn; Angel of Christmas; Angel of Hope; Angel of Love; Angel of Summer; Blue Moon Angel (& charm); Celtic Autumn;Celtic Christmas; Celtic Summer; Celtic Winter; Earth Angel; Emma’s Garden (in progress); Enchanted Alphabet; Isabella’s Garden; Little Wings; Queen Anne’s Lace; Winter Rose; World Peace Angel

Lavender Wings – Santa’s Magical Coat of Colors

Mirabilia – Adia the Garden Fairy; Autumn Queen; Christmas Elegance; Christmas Tree 2007 (kitted up with beads); Cinderella; Damask Roses; Deco Spirits; Ella, the Frog Princess; Emerald Mermaid; English Roses; The Fairy Moon; Garden Verses; Lilly; Lilly of the Woods; Mermaids of the Deep Blue; Mermaid of Atlantis; A Midsummer Night’s Fairy; The Petal Fairy; The Queen Mermaid; The Rose of Sharon; Roses of Provence; Royal Holiday (kitted up); Santa’s Magic; Silver Moon Tea; Sleeping Beauty (kitted up); The South Sea’s Mermaid; Spring Queen; Summer Queen; Titania, Queen of the Fairies; Touching the Autumn Sky; Winter Queen

Mystic Stitch – Jasmine

Passione Ricamo – Lady of Summer

Peggy Chatterton – George & the Dragon; Peacock Rug

Pinn – Chinese God of Wealth Tsai Shen Yeh; Chinese Goddess of Mercy; The Eight Immortals; Lakshmi; Pai Xiao (2 copies!)

Ross Originals – White Tiger

Scarlet Quince – The Accolade; Blue Peacock; Circe Invidiosa (in progress); The Earth From Space at Night; Feeding the Chickens (kitted up); God Speed; Take the Fair Face of Woman; Whistlejacket

Serenity DesignsThe Dark Knight (in progress)

Shining Needle Society – Kabuki Dancer (in progress)

Solaria Gallery – The Birth of Venus; Lady with Veil; Madonna de Magnificat

Stitching Studio – Humpback Whale

Stitchpics – Flights of Fantasy (chart booklet)

Stitchworks – Tutankhamen

Teresa Wentzler – Carousel Horse Fall; The Princess & Dragon

Told In A Garden – The Bookmark Collection (chart booklet)

True Colors – Mythical Dragons ( chart booklet)

Unknown– Celtic Bird Trio; Chinese Tiger and Dragon I; Dragon Planet; Dragon Rock; Oriental Lady and Panda