17 June 2012, VERY late TUSAL & WIPocalypse

Oh, look, late again!  Evidently I can’t keep a date for anything.

Here’s my ORT bag:

 Mostly browns and greens, because I’ve been working almost exclusively on Forest Walk:

 I’m really pleased with how this is coming along, although I was in such a hurry to start that apparently I didn’t measure my fabric properly, and will now have to add on another 6 inches or so at the bottom.  I’ll let you know how that goes when I’ve done it.  Boo.

I haven’t stitched on any other WIPocalypse pieces at all this month, but I have done some significant stash enhancement.  ‘Cos, you know, I really didn’t have enough stuff.

I stocked up on DMC colours while we were in the US:

And The Silk Mill just had an awesome 10 year anniversary sale, where I got these lovelies:

I also had a busy crafty day yesterday, and finally finished my 144th scale dolls house (the pen is for scale, so you can get an idea of just how small it is):

I also completed a patchwork square, Quartered Star, that I also got while we were in Jo-Ann’s in the US.  I have another square to make up, and a couple of fat quarters of matching fabric, and some bias tape.  I haven’t decided yet what to make with them – they’re actually from a quilt of the month thing – maybe a bag or a cushion.  Actually, probably a bag…who knows?  We’ll see what takes my fancy.  It was as much to see how I did with machine piecing as much as anything else.

Well, that’s all for now, I think.  Happy stitching!


So, here’s a list of the charts in my stash.  This is mostly for my benefit, because apparently I like some charts so much I’ve bought them twice.  Books and scanned charts from magazines are not included, because there’s just too many to be practical!

Bee’s Needleworks – The Great Escape; Heart of My Heart; Kates’s Butterflies Scissor Fob; Spring Basket; Tree of Stitches;

Butternut Road – Earthdancer; Spirit Dancer

Chatelaine – Alpine Seasons Mandala; Greek Mandala; Mystery XIII The Peacock Garden; The Queen’s Farmhouse;  The Rajasthan Lotus pond; Venice Mandala (kitted up);

Color Charts – All That Jazz; Paradise Macaws

Cross My Heart Inc – Artistic Landscapes (chart booklet); The Big Cats (chart booklet); Ocean Animals (chart booklet)

Cross Stitch Collectibles – The Ball; The Beloved; Contemplation; Feeding the Pigeons; Lady of Shallot; Primavera; The Last Judgement (in progress); The Sistine Chapel Collection; Young Musician

Dimensions – Charts & Charms Midnight Enchanter; Charts & Charms Alluring Sorceress; Flower of the East

DMC – Flaming June; Flower Fairies A-Z (chart booklet); Galloping Horses; Goddess of Mercy; Il Ramoscello; La Ghirlandata; Windflowers

Dover – Celtic Animals (chart Booklet); Celtic Iron-On Transfer Patterns; Egyptian Charted Designs (chart booklet)

Fine Arts Heritage Society – The Kiss (in progress)

Green Apple Co – Beatrix Potter Alphabet (chart booklet)

HAED (Heaven and Earth Designs) – 4 of Pentacles; Ace of Wands; Among the Cherry Blossoms (mini); Anamchara; Astranaithes (mini); Autumn’s Promise (mini); Avarice; Beggar Princess; Books of Dreams; Bubble Flower; Carousel Horse Angel White; Carousel Horse Hunter Brown; Carousel Horse Moonlight Silver; Celestial Dream (mini); Cernunnos; China Lake; A Coign of Vantage; Curiosity (mini); Diewalkur SK; Dizzy Heights; Emerald Dragon QS; Empress Ring QS; Envy; Euphoria (in progress); Expectation; Faces of Faery 164; Fairy Knight; Fairy Lancer; Fantasies of the Seas; Father Christmas: Sleigh Ride; Filling the Stocking (mini); The Finding of Moses; The First Dragon; Fishing for Mermaids; Fragile; Frienship; Gluttony; Golden; The Golden Ball; High Tea; Hit Any Key; Jellyfish On a Stick; Iris; La Belle Dame Sans Merci; Lady Godiva; Light Hanging; Lolly Dragon; Long I Have Waited; Lovers White Peacock QS; Lust; Madame Papier; Magic of Christmas; Man Who Minds The Moon; Mariana in the Moated Grange; Meeting on the Turret Stairs; Moon Rainbow; Morning Gossip (mini); Mourning for Icarus; Not a Creature Was Stirring (ornament); Old World Santa; Ophelia #2; A Peacock and Doves in a Garden; The Pest; Pilates; Pixie Dreams (mini); A Pompeian Lady; Priestess of Quezalcoatl (mini); Professional Fish Walker; Purple Dragon; A Quick Break; Red Knight of Burning Day; Ride a Cock Horse (ornament); Ruby QS; Really Hard Dance Step; Seahorse; Sloth; Snow (mini); Snowman and Feathered Friend; Snow Princess with Polar Bear (mini); So Many Books So Little Time (mini); Soul of the Rose; Spearmint Wyrm; Steam Punk Fairy QS; Stitching the Standard;  Sundae Delight (mini); Three Kings; Ties That Bind – Left; Ties That Bind – Right; Tsuki No Uta; Turandot; The Universe in a Jar (mini); Vanity; Wendell; White Nine Tail Fox (storykeep); Winter Magic (mini); Wrath

Ink Circles – Florin; Guilder

Janlynn Geisha

Joan Elliott – Christmas Spirit; Petite Christmas Angels

Kappie Originals – Transportation (chart booklet)

Lavender & Lace – Angel of Autumn; Angel of Christmas; Angel of Hope; Angel of Love; Angel of Summer; Blue Moon Angel (& charm); Celtic Autumn;Celtic Christmas; Celtic Summer; Celtic Winter; Earth Angel; Emma’s Garden (in progress); Enchanted Alphabet; Isabella’s Garden; Little Wings; Queen Anne’s Lace; Winter Rose; World Peace Angel

Lavender Wings – Santa’s Magical Coat of Colors

Mirabilia – Adia the Garden Fairy; Autumn Queen; Christmas Elegance; Christmas Tree 2007 (kitted up with beads); Cinderella; Damask Roses; Deco Spirits; Ella, the Frog Princess; Emerald Mermaid; English Roses; The Fairy Moon; Garden Verses; Lilly; Lilly of the Woods; Mermaids of the Deep Blue; Mermaid of Atlantis; A Midsummer Night’s Fairy; The Petal Fairy; The Queen Mermaid; The Rose of Sharon; Roses of Provence; Royal Holiday (kitted up); Santa’s Magic; Silver Moon Tea; Sleeping Beauty (kitted up); The South Sea’s Mermaid; Spring Queen; Summer Queen; Titania, Queen of the Fairies; Touching the Autumn Sky; Winter Queen

Mystic Stitch – Jasmine

Passione Ricamo – Lady of Summer

Peggy Chatterton – George & the Dragon; Peacock Rug

Pinn – Chinese God of Wealth Tsai Shen Yeh; Chinese Goddess of Mercy; The Eight Immortals; Lakshmi; Pai Xiao (2 copies!)

Ross Originals – White Tiger

Scarlet Quince – The Accolade; Blue Peacock; Circe Invidiosa (in progress); The Earth From Space at Night; Feeding the Chickens (kitted up); God Speed; Take the Fair Face of Woman; Whistlejacket

Serenity DesignsThe Dark Knight (in progress)

Shining Needle Society – Kabuki Dancer (in progress)

Solaria Gallery – The Birth of Venus; Lady with Veil; Madonna de Magnificat

Stitching Studio – Humpback Whale

Stitchpics – Flights of Fantasy (chart booklet)

Stitchworks – Tutankhamen

Teresa Wentzler – Carousel Horse Fall; The Princess & Dragon

Told In A Garden – The Bookmark Collection (chart booklet)

True Colors – Mythical Dragons ( chart booklet)

Unknown– Celtic Bird Trio; Chinese Tiger and Dragon I; Dragon Planet; Dragon Rock; Oriental Lady and Panda

Fabric & special threads

Fabric in my stash:

14ct – 12pc assorted aida 12 x 18″; white aida 30 x 20″; white 30 x 36″; ivory 30 x 36″; 14hpi mono canvas beige

18ct – parchment aida 130cm x 1m

22ct – Hardangar white 15 x 18″ (x2)

28ct – Zeigart Cashel Dirty linen 50 x 70cm; Brittney cream; Monaco white 20 x 24″; Monaco antique white 20 x 24″ (x2); evenweave white 20 x 27″; evenweave antique white 20 x 27″; even weave 20 x 15″

32ct – Belfast Linen cream 18 x 15″ (L-shaped); Permin Stoney point Linen 50 x 70cm; Zweigart Belfast Vintage Beige 27.5 x 19.5″; Belfast vintage; linen white 20 x 27″ x 2; Lana linen oyster 20 x 27″ & 20 x 19″

55ct – white linen

Misc. – Blue linen; Lilac linen; pale blue linen; Black linen; shell linen; blue linen for Sleeping Beauty

The Silk Mill silk threads:

3002 Jungle Orchid                                          3003 Funky Fuschia                                     3004 Rosa Mexicana

3009 Pink Pearl                                                  3010 Palest Pink Pearl                                 3026 Tiger Flower

3057 Orange Blossom                                      3110 Chinese Gooseberry                          3111 Scarlet Poncho

3112 Oriental Poppy (x2)                                3114 Chilean Glory                                        3129 Golden Zucchini

3131 Perle d’Or                                                     3140 Green Tea                                              3161 Claret

3162 Turkey Red                                                 3163 Red Hot Chilli                                       3164 Planet Mars

3165 Scarlet Macaw                                           3166 Poppy                                                      3168 Pumpkin

3169 Chrysanthemum                                       3171 Flamingo                                               3191 Hibiscus

3195 Red Poll                                                        3207 Firecrest                                               3271 Moonlight

3367 Siberian Bluebell                                      3372 Madder Red                                         3375 Coral Rose

3452 Deep Pink Orchid                                     3469 Bamboo Shoot                                    4001 French Blue

4002 Echium Blue                                              4003 Gentian                                                 4004 Crystal

4005 Aztec                                                            4006 Felicia                                                   4007 Ultramarine

4008 Sapphire                                                     4009 Royal Blue                                           4010 Steel


Waaaaay too many of these!  It’s amazing how many things I’ve got on a similar theme.  As I complete things, I’ll be removing them from this list.  Hopefully, they might eventually all be done, but I kind of doubt it.

Anchor – Tapestry canvas Laughing Cavalier; The Balloon Race

Briggs – Tapestry canvas waterlilies

Craft Collection – Renaissance Peacock

Cross My Heart Inc – Leopard

Cross Stitch Collection – Fairytale Castle (in progress); World Map

Design Works – Celestial Dragon; Frog Pile

Dimensions Gold Collection – Enchanting Geisha; Heavenly Herald Stocking; Japanese Maiden; Jewels of the Orient; The Mighty Samurai; Moon Dreamer; Nuggets Exquisite Hummingbird; Peaceful Earth Stocking; Petites Mai; Petites Voyage at Sea; White Lightning

DIY Fluffies – Yoki the Fat Dragon (in progress)

DMC – Aztec Queen; Blackwork World Map (in progress); Classics Amsterdam; Classics Venice; Egyptian Queen; Tiger On The Move

Ehrman – Klimt Cushion Coral

Heritage StitchcraftBallet Dancers; Golden Pavilion (in progress); Venice

Holbein Embroideries – Lady on a Balcony

Janlynn – Platinum Collection Cranes

KCO – Plum Blossom; Running Horses; Tiger; Tiger, Lion, Panther, Leopard

Kinsa – Lotus & Carps; Peony & Birds

Lanarte – Aquarius;Aries;Cancer; Capricorn; Gemini; Libra; Leo; Orchid; Peacock; Pisces; Primrose; Sagittarius; Scorpio; Taurus; Virgo (in progress)

Lyndisfarne – The Librarian

Maia – The Balcony; George & The Dragon; Mito Nagahama; Red Pagoda; Sarusawa Pond; Wild Westies III (in progress)

Mill Hill – Avignon Santa; Canterbury Santa; Canyon Santa (in progress); Cardinal Santa; Jamestown Santa;  Mesa Santa; Nunavut Santa; Plymouth Santa; Santa Noel; Saxony Santa; Teton Santa; Twinkle Claus; Williamsburg Santa

 Minicrafts – Mouse

Miniature Textiles Company – Floral Needlework Carpet (in progress); Tiger Rug

Nicola Mascall – Fire Screen (waiting to be finished); Queen Anne chair (in progress)

Oehlenschlager – Iceland

Penelope – Bavarian Castle

Pinn – Manorah – Thai Dancer; Quan Yin – Chinese Goddess of Mercy; Thai Dancers

The Posy Collection – Arlington National Cemetary Sampler; Compass Rose; Freedom set; Mount Vernon Mansion Shell Border; National Christmas Tree; Old Faithful; Pineapple Welcome (completed Dec 2013); Susan Constant; The Mark Twain Silhouette (waiting to be framed); The Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Sunset – Needlepoint Leopard; Tropical Profusion

Twilleys – Knot Garden

Unknown – Bay Window (waiting to be framed); Country Scene (waiting to be framed);Roses card (waiting to be finished); Running Horse (waiting to be framed); Autumn

Valerie Pfeiffer – Hummingbird

World Stitches – France; The United States of America