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WIPocalypse (&TUSAL) 11 Mar 2012

Well, very late with TUSAL, and a bit late for WIPocalypse.

Mostly, it’s blue and grey, because I’ve been working on The Dark Knight.  Progress is good:

That’s the first page complete, and the second started, although I found the frogs visited me last night, due to careless (read – no) counting, and I shall have to take out everything to the right of the completed page. I enlarged the chart from 6 pages to 9, and I didn’t do them all the same size, apparently.  Duh!

I’m not sure it really counts as WIP work, but I just finished cleaning up a Mirabilia that I did in 1995. It had been hanging in an unheated room, with early morning sun shining on it, and the glass had got condensation on it inside the frame. So I took it out, cleaned the glass thoroughly, and re-sealed it with framing tape.  Fortunately the stitching was untouched by the moisture, so all is well.


I got some new framing done, too.

  We saw a lot of bison while we were in Yellowstone Park last year, and I picked this up in one of the Lodges, along with a stitch of Old Faithful, which I haven’t started yet.

  This is a Christmas freebie from Mirabilia, which has been waiting to be framed since 2000. She’ll only come out for Christmas, but she’s very pretty.

    These are ‘Lady in Red’ and ‘The Blues’ by Valerie Pfeiffer from Heritage Crafts.  I have a third in the series, a hummingbird, but haven’t started it yet.  I love these, they’re so cute.

‘A Gracious Era’ is finally framed.  Again, it’ll only come out for Christmas, but it looks good, and I’m so pleased it’s done.


Again, not strictly speaking WIP work, but we moved these two around and re-hung them in the living room.  ‘Mermaid of the Pearls’ by Mirabilia, and an appliqued and freehand embroidered piece based on one of the Mirabilia ‘Queen’ series.

No progress on the World Map, or on the Tiger, to report, but I’m pleased.  I’ve got quite a lot done.  I probably could have done more, but I’ve been playing Final Fantasy XIII-2 on the Playstation quite a lot lately.

It’s Miniatura next weekend, so I expect I’ll see some progress on some other WIPs while I’m there.